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27-10-2021 12:00 AM
Why become a Midwife in the UK

Midwifery is one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs out there, bringing new life into the world and sustaining positive relationships with the families and patients. Midwives are responsible for helping give the best possible birth experience for pregnant women even in the case of unfortunate or tragic events.

The main reason most people go into midwifery is because they have a passion for women’s healthcare and want to extend their knowledge with their patients. They are caring and compassionate people who want to provide comfort to mothers during such a scary and uncertain time. You get to be there when their child is born, your advice and care will be the reason their baby is born healthy.

Being a midwife in the UK has many career paths and opportunities and can be flexible to fit your needs. Many midwives carry their own caseload and work in community settings while others prefer to work in hospitals. By specialising in particular areas such as public health or overseeing teenage pregnancy clinics you open up opportunities to add to your general midwifery skills.

In the UK Midwifes are considered highly trained medical professionals with the autonomy from other nurses or medical professionals. This means that they are able to call their own shots and be their own boss as long as they stay current on medical practices, high quality care for mother and child and following a strict code of ethics. Midwives often have conferences with others from the medical community but their autonomy allows them to hold their practice to their own standards.

06-10-2021 12:00 AM
Why become a nurse in the UK?

The UK is home to some of the world’s leading hospitals, practices and centres, giving you the skills and experience to be the best in your field. The NHS is regarded as one of the world’s best health institutes spanning over 1,200 hospitals and offering free health care to the British population. The NHS is also considered by over two-thirds of the British people to be Britain’s greatest achievement leading to nurses being adequately compensated for. Newly-qualified nurses start their career with a minimum of £24,000 a year and receive a generous pension scheme. On top of this, nurses receive a range of discounts on transport, accommodation, groceries, restaurants and children’s education, activities and tutoring.

Working as a nurse in the UK also has the benefit of working with a multi-cultural, diverse workforce, giving you the opportunity to meet amazing new people and experience an array of different cultures.

There has been a long shortage of skilled staff with a Staffing Survey showing only 28% of respondents across the country felt that there was enough staff at their workplace for them to do their job. This shortage is only going to grow with it being expected that by 2030 there will be a shortfall of 108,000 nurses (partly due to one in 3 nurses expected to retire in the next decade). This shortage presents a positive opportunity for people looking for nursing jobs in the UK as there are currently over 40,000 nursing vacancies.

Nurses who work for the NHS also receive constant training and development as they undergo annual personal development reviews and a tailored plan to support their professional goals.

14-06-2021 12:00 AM
How to become a nurse or midwife in the UK

How to become a nurse or midwife in the UK


Becoming a nurse in the UK can be difficult if you don’t know where to start but we are here to help you!




Regardless of what role you choose to pursue, such as adult nurse, children’s nurse, mental health nurse or a midwife, the path you take is very similar.

You can go to university and complete a degree in the respective role approved by the Nursing & Midwifery Council which usually takes 3 years.

Typically, you would be able to study another area of nursing alongside your chosen area, depending on the degree course.


Entry requirements – University


Typically, you need:

· 4 or 5 GCSEs A* to C (9 to 4) or the equivalent, including maths, English and science

· 2 or 3 A levels, including a science, or a level 3 diploma or access to higher education in health, science or nursing




If you do not particularly want to take the route of university to become a nurse, it is perfectly fine as there are other ways to get your dream job.

The other main way to achieve the necessary qualifications is to do a degree apprenticeship in nursing which is equivalent to a bachelor’s or master’s degree and may take around 4 years to complete.

For children’s, adult and mental health nursing, if you are supported by your employer, you may be able to do a degree apprenticeship if you work in a healthcare setting like a hospital as an apprenticeship is a mixture of academic studying, work experience and training.

For a midwife degree apprenticeship, the process is more or less the same but may be more complex as there are less training places that are doing midwifery apprenticeships.


Entry requirements – Apprenticeship


Typically, you need:

· 4 or 5 GCSEs A* to C (9 to 4)

· 2 A levels or equivalent

Feel free to contact us at 02036376445 or [email protected]

21-06-2021 12:00 AM
How to become a nurse in the UK if you already are one abroad

How to become a nurse in the UK if you already are one abroad


If you are a nurse from another country who would like to become a registered nurse in the UK, relocating is a simple process.

The first step is to work towards obtaining the NMC registration by passing the IELTS or OET exam to prove your ability to speak English which we would recommend studying for with professional institutions alongside all of your other exams to ensure passing on the first time as it can be very frustrating, time consuming and expensive if you have to retake exams. Obtaining the NMC registration also involves passing a CBT test about your theorical knowledge in nursing.

The second step is to gain eligibility to apply for Pre-registration Nurse/NHS healthcare assistant post. Which will then allow you to apply for a tier 2 visa application which can be the longest part to the process but we can help you out here at PlaceMe UK. Once you have passed your IELTS and CBT call us at 02036376445 or send an email to [email protected] explaining your situation along with your cv so we can help you secure a placement and a tier 2 visa.

The third step is to arrive in UK and pass your OSCE exam. You will have to re-sit for your OSCE in a space of eight months from the inception of your visa. And you can only write it three times as part of one application. You will need to travel if you are outside of the UK at this point as the OSCE exam can only be written in Oxford Brooke’s University, Ulster University, Northern Ireland or at University of Northampton. If you choose to practice for your exams with courses from professionals such as those at IELTS Medical, they will be able to help you book these exams after helping you gain the knowledge needed to pass them.

The fourth and last step, once your ID have been confirmed, you will be issued an NMC pin which will allow you to work in UK within NHS with help from us at PlaceMe UK if you send over your CV to [email protected] we will help you find a suitable placement in a hospital or healthcare setting in the UK.


Feel free to contact us at 02036376445 or [email protected]

14-06-2021 12:00 AM
Download the PlaceMe UK app

Download the PlaceMe UK app


The PlaceMe UK app is designed to make it as easy as possible for healthcare professionals to apply for jobs and communicate with the recruiters.


Within the app you can:

  • Create a personal introductory video (video CV) to let the recruiter know more about you
  • Upload your CV for recruiters to see on your profile
  • Contact the recruiters and receive a response within a day
  • Swipe through jobs we have available and apply with a click of the button
  • Submit timesheets for temporary work

This app will mean that you can easily apply for jobs whilst having complete control of the situation by using the video CV option which is useful to be able to fully convey your accomplishments and it will personalise the experience.

As we work with many hospitals and healthcare organisations throughout the UK, this also gives you a platform to record yourself and answer questions that NHS Hospitals and Private Healthcare Organisations may want to know about any potential staff. If then, they would like to progress your application, we will be in touch with you will all the details.

This app gives you the ability to swipe through the jobs we have available so you can see which job suits you and your expertise the most as we display all of the information clearly to get rid of any possible confusion.

The option to contact us directly is one that can be of great importance to your job seeking experience. This is because you will be able to ask any questions you may have about the process or a specific job and we can reply to you through email within 24 hours to make sure that your needs are dealt with appropriately.


This app is available on android and IOS.

For android, please use the following link: PlaceME UK - Apps on Google Play

For IOS, please use the following link:


Call us today at 02036376445

Email us at [email protected]

24-05-2021 12:00 AM
How we go above and beyond for you

How we go above and beyond for you.


Dreamed job


Here at PlaceMe UK we will do more for you than just find you your next job.

We help doctors and nurses from all over the world find their dreamed job here in the UK.


CV support


We offer a great deal of support for all of our candidates. In order to secure you into the best jobs possible we will work with you in crafting a brilliant CV that will be well received by any hospital, nursing home or wherever you desire to work at.

If you send your CV to the email address [email protected] alongside any other details such as your preferred job role and location, we can reformat your CV and then introduce you to our clients.


Our clients


Our clients include private hospitals, residential care homes and homecare organisations. We also supply the NHS through partner organisations.


Our uniqueness


Most healthcare resourcers would do the bare minimum and just pass on your cv without a care in the world but here at PlaceMe UK we like to get to know our candidates on a more personal level to ensure that we can locate a job role for you that fills all of your desired requirements and meets your standards so that we can, to the best of our ability, get you an interview.


Our App


We are also working on an app that will allow you to effortlessly apply for our available jobs at the click of a button. Our app will enable you to have a lot more control over your job applications by seeing how your application is progressing and making a two-minute introduction video to let the employers know a bit more about you.


Choosing us at PlaceMe UK is a career choice that you will not regret. To all doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, make sure to send over your CV and we will do the rest.

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17-05-2021 12:00 AM
How to make your CV stand out from others!

How to make your CV stand out from others!

There are 3 great tips to use during this pandemic to make sure that you can get the job you desire.

  1. Before you even start on your CV you should research your desired roles and read through the job descriptions. Make a note of the common keywords you see and use them throughout your CV which makes your qualifications and competence for the job more apparent. Also, take note of any overused and clichéd words or phrases such as motivated, overachiever, hard worker or team player. Using these types of phrases could make you blend in with the other hundreds of CVs that day and be left at the bottom of the pile or even in the shredder so it is best to avoid them and use the thesaurus to help come up with synonyms.


  1. Keep the CV short and concise by getting rid of any unnecessary information such as your photo, gender or marital status. This is important as you should aim for two pages of A4 as it is very important that you don’t fill up your CV with unimportant details. This could also include not listing every single one of your qualifications, for example instead of listing every single GCSE you took, you could say “8 GCSE’s (A*-C)”.


  1. Divide your text and separate it into clear subsections in your CV to make it clearer to the recruiters who are reading it. Long, wordy paragraphs are very time consuming to get through and could result in some of your most important information being accidently skipped and ignored. Try to use headings such as “employment history” or “qualifications” so the person reading it know exactly where to look for what they are looking for. If you are a nurse or doctor then you can contact [email protected] and we can format it for you.
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30-11--0001 12:00 AM
Healthcare recruitment is seeing an increased demand for NHS workers
Healthcare recruitment is seeing an increased demand for NHS workers due to the rise in Covid – 19, and many of our candidates are bravely on the front line during this pandemic. As healthcare recruiters with international agents, we're eagerly awaiting an increase of available flights into England, with more and more planes transporting doctors and nurses into our ever increasing candidate pool. Here at PlaceMe UK we are dealing with the impacts of the recent events in the best ways we can. As the NHS and other great healthcare professionals work tirelessly to help the country back onto its feet, we're working tirelessly to get our professionals work-ready and compliant as quickly as possible. If you are looking for a job in the healthcare sector and it seems as if there are no more recruiters willing to work through this period, just know that PlaceMe UK is here for you and ready to get you your next job. Have a chat with us today on 02036376445 / +02036376445.
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25-06-2020 12:00 AM
How To Create A Great CV / Resume

How To Create A Great CV / Resume

4 Quick Tips To Help You Boost Your CV

HR News published an article today stating that in some of the hardest hit UK areas, when compared to pre-pandemic levels, there are now five times more people chasing each job. This means that having a great CV is more important now than ever before. Your CV is your personal marketing document that should tell your employers about your employment history, skills, any achievements and why they should consider you for the job.

To help you to create a CV that gets you noticed, we’ve put together 4 Quick Tips To Help You Boost Your CV.

  1. Make your CV “readable”

Employers typically spend approximately six seconds looking at a CV… Six seconds. That means that you have just six seconds to make a great first impression. This starts with making your CV “readable”. At PlaceMe UK, our CV template focusses on 4 key areas:

  • Your profile (who you are; your top qualities)
  • Your employment history (in chronological order with the most recent first)
  • Your education and qualifications
  • Anything else (eg. awards; publications; language skills)

All information that your prospective employer wants to know about you and all areas that give you those six seconds to make a good first impression.

  1. Use a Cover Letter

We think it is important to include a cover letter with applications because they may include things that your CV has missed. The information you include in your cover letter will be part of our pitch to your prospective employers, so it’s beneficial if you can highlight the skills and experience that you have to do the job. For our international healthcare professionals, especially when applying to hospitals who are new to international recruitment, this is particularly important. You will need to help us to “translate” your skills and experience into the skills and experience our partner hospitals urgently need on their wards. Help us to help you by putting together a compelling cover letter.

  1. Check your CV

General typos, poor spelling and grammar are on most hiring manager’s top pet peeves. They’re evidence of carelessness about detail and could be enough to cancel out all the hard work that you have put in to get so far. Check and re-check your CV and you can use free programs like AI backed Grammarly (link: to assist you too.

4. Address any gaps

Our AI backed software detects gaps just like your employers will, so expect our consultants to ask you about them – because your employers will be wondering. Don’t keep them guessing. Healthcare is a regulated industry and compliance is very important. Gaps in your CV due to – for example – illness or primary childcare duties, really are OK but your employers need to know. Make sure your timeline is clear and that any gaps are addressed.