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19th October, 2016

The Perfect CV: Part 1

- By Cris


Your employability is your ability to add value to any job situation. Your skills are the ingredients of this value. For example, if you are good at communicating, your skill might be appealing to a department that requires you to negotiate with prospective clients. If you are computer literate, you may be valuable to a work group using technology to solve its business problems.

Every skill you have has the potential to make you more valuable to prospective employers within or outside the company. Your future work life depends on the skills you have to offer.



Do not let your job title define you. You are not your job title! You have skills, qualities, and potential that goes far beyond the limits of a title. Your job may tap into one or two aspects of what you are able to do and who you really are as a person. Once you stop taking titles so literally, you will see that you have many characteristics that can be reassembled into different profiles for different jobs and work directions, including those so new they’re not yet defined by a title.



There are a number of CV formats, each requiring some combination of the following components

  • A simple description of your past jobs and education.
  • A targeted work direction or job assignment.
  • A description of your skills and capabilities.

We’re creating a multi-part series on The Perfect CV. Would you like help with yours? Call 0203 637 6445 today…